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Sun Joins Neptune + Full Moon + Mercury Direct

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Sun Joins Neptune + Full Moon + Mercury Direct: March 5, 2020 through March 10, 2020

A series of alignments will be perfecting March 5th through March 10th that will represent turning points for many people, perhaps all of us. The big four (or five) are these:

  • Sun joins Neptune on Sunday March 8th (same day as Daylight Savings Time begins)

  • Venus joins Uranus, also on Sunday March 8th, and certain new and unusual romances begin

  • Full Moon perfects Monday March 9th (Virgo Moon opposes Pisces Sun)

  • and, either on the March 9th or March 10th, Mercury stations Direct

  • Also worthy of note: Sun in Pisces sextiles Jupiter in Capricorn on March 11th

What does this mean?

But other aspects are part of the picture, and I might draft more than this entry to explore these configurations. No single aspect is the Earth-shattering "end of the world" predictions that some love, but all together are a bit more unusual than the typical full moons (thirteen of those each year) because of the cluster of events so close together. Without digging out the books and looking back at old entries, my guess is that this kind of configuration occurs somewhere between once or twice a year to one or twice every three to five years. Again, not Earth-shattering rarity but also not a typical monthly lunation, somewhere between those two.

Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces

Neptune has a 160 year orbit, and it was last in its home sign in the period before, and into, the Civil War of the United States of America. (1847 to 1862) This kind of thing, Neptune in Pisces, almost always heralds major transformations, and this time (period of years) Pluto is returning to the place where it was in the years leading into, and through, the American Revolution. Expect political shakeups, again. My guess is that we might see certain similarities to the election of 1840:

One source, Astrostyle, characterizes this period (Neptune in Pisces, 2011 to 2026) as a Global Spiritual Awakening. That characterization is almost certainly correct. This Sun/Neptune conjunction being so close to a Full Moon is a punctuation mark, likely an exclamation point or maybe interro-bang, regarding the changes we are moving through during this period.

While Pisces brings psychic intuitions, especially through dreams, it also brings delusions. Alcohol and drugs are Piscean, and so is martyrdom (both the good and bad aspects of that). Pisces can be illness and healthcare, and the threat of a pandemic is not particularly surprising. This month, we will see a punctuation mark in those areas, as well is music, lyrics, photography, videography, and poetry. As is true with any other sign, it is a mixed bag. Pisces is associated with play, but some of the hardest working people are Pisces dedicated to their chosen path.

Other Aspects

Thursday March 5th brings a series of oppositions as Moon in Cancer opposes Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn, creating a day that FEELS like a full moon, but not a Piscean one. Jupiter is typically benevolent, but in Capricorn it does not perform as well. As to the other two so close together, as has been true for the past few years, that combination is the thing nightmares are made of. (Others have commented about this Saturn / Pluto conjunction.)

Saturn has traditionally been called the "Greater Malefic." At its best, Saturn is cranky. Together with Pluto, we tend to have awful results, such as the police officer(s) who withheld "Brady Exculpatory Evidence" but then issue the battle cry "but he was convicted by a jury of his peers" after an innocent person is finally released from prison after losing what should have been twenty of the best years of his life. Anybody with half a brain knows that the monsters who say and do these kinds of things are an abomination, yet the criminal justice system in the United States almost never does anything about it. Maybe the time for that to change has arrived. (And, this Neptune placement can do precisely that, shining a spotlight on the wrongdoers who are "part of the system.")

For anyone with a Scorpio planet in their birth chart, a fair amount of money might could be made, or the events leading to that set in motion, on Thursday. (Scorpio completes a Grand Water Trine, a notorious money maker for some people.) By itself, this series of oppositions would not necessarily produce that result. But given the other aspects (Sun / Neptune conjunction, full moon, Mercury Direct Station), the effect is amplified, producing a "lotto ticket" of sorts who see the opportunity and are willing to do the work necessarily to produce the manifestation.

Friday, March 6th

Friday, March 6th, the Moon enters Leo, and then squares both Venus and Uranus (both in Taurus). If you were planning to sit around, or play, on this day, forget it. This is a day about "getting things done," and some people will see the steps in motion to begin a rather unusual romance, a romance with someone you would ordinarily never consider. This is a good day for the LGBT community. And for those to whom none of that applies, it is a day for innovative ideas involve finance, especially if combined with technologies such as the Internet. Do not be surprised to see unusual events involving crypto-currency on this date.

But, curiously, that is not the biggest part of the weekend.

Yods and Focused Yods

The events of Friday lead into a series of "quincunxes" Saturday into Sunday that, together, form a "yod," and not one but many. Yod are all about decisions, a fork in the road, and being disappointed later because, no matter which path is chosen, the outcome almost always seems disappointing in some way. And an opposition of the Moon to Mercury creates an even more interesting pattern (family of patterns, really): a "focused yod." This is not simply about "making a decision," but this is about a decision followed by action, highly focused action. As "Larry the Cable Guy" says: "Get 'er done."

Here are a few posts about yods:

Remember, though, that these decisions are still not the key result, and the action following from the decisions is NECESSARY to set the stage but it ONLY sets the stage.

Sunday March 8th

Early Sunday morning, Sun opposes Neptune. We have already discussed this, and this ALSO feels like a "Full Moon." It is the key to understanding what is happening. Old ideas and concepts are being washed away. New ones are coming. While some might argue that portends well for "progressives" who advocate for a paternalistic government that is ever more intrusive into the lives of private citizens, it might bring something completely different from that. Saturn, Pluto, and Capricorn are about authority, but Neptune and Pisces are masters at washing away old authority.

In places where Daylight Savings Time is observed, that begins today.

Later in the day, Venus joins Uranus in Taurus. Taurus is not a good place for Uranus, but it is home for Venus. Venus is quite strong there, but joining Uranus means she becomes a very kinky girl, "the kind you don't bring home to mother" per Rick James in his classic song "Super-Freak." For those that remember "Little Miss Sunshine," that movie is an excellent portrayal of the kinds of energies, and conflicts, that are unfolding now.

But, what does that mean?

If you are in a position to take on a rather "different" kind of romance, a window of that kind opens today. As mentioned earlier, this is a good day for MOST (not all) LGBTQ people. (Saturnine and Plutonian LGBTQs do exist, and this may not be such a good day for them.)

If romance is not an option, then keep your eyes open for unique financial opportunities.

And, if you are an artist of any kind, this may be the best day that you ever experience.

The Full Moon of March, 2020

Curiously, Sunday will lead some to believe that "it is over." Whatever was to play out, played out. That is simply not true.

On Monday, Moon opposes Neptune and then the Sun (Full Moon), with Moon in Virgo and Sun/Neptune in Pisces. Whatever was cooking the past few days comes to "a head" today, a boiling point of sorts for some. Issues of work and play, drudgery and poetry, will rear their heads in fantastic proportion. Certain issues will become undeniable.

The possible Coronavirus Pandemic will either peak and vanish on this date (or near it), or it will explode into a true pandemic. Do not expect any middle ground on this.

Sometimes Mercury Direct does not fully express on the day of the station, so some results might become clearer later this week. Moon opposite Chiron (health, teaching, wounds that never heal) on Tuesday followed by the Sun / Jupiter sextile on Wednesday may be the points of "wrapping things up" for some. After this, we do have other aspects until the New Moon, but they are different and "things" become different.

If you are launching a new project, launch it by the time the Full Moon perfects at 1248 CST (between noon and 1 PM0 on Monday, March 9th.

After that, "things" become different.

(And, since 2020 is a leap year, the Vernal Equinox comes early this year: Enters Mar 19 2020 10:49:30 pm (CDT +5:00) )

And, Mars conjunct Pluto is coming:

  • Enters Mar 9 2020 4:20:32 pm (CDT +5:00) Is Exact Mar 23 2020 0:20:23 am (CDT +5:00) Leaves Apr 2 2020 6:56:19 am (CDT +5:00)

The mirror image full moon to this one is Sep 2 2020 0:21:57 am (CDT +5:00).

(Source: Grandtrines, Lunar Eclipse of September 16, 2016.)

For more major aspects in 2020, see, also: Hot Degrees 2020

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