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The Next Chapter

Either you have never heard of me, or you know me well. 

I previously posted at That site had over 1,000 followers, about 50 regular daily readers, hundreds of readers on lunations (New Moon and Full Moon), and continues to receive about 20 visitors per day.  Wordpress appears to have changed its business model to discourage bloggers from using free hosting.  The old GrandTrines has run out of space. 

Time to move here, to Wix. 

I also note that my work precedes the beginning of the Wordpress blog (2008) with this site : (Note: "Webring" now hijacks my visitors and I no longer have the password to change this.  But, if you enter several times, Webring eventually "gets it" and goes away.

While I have opted for the "business" design under Wix, for now I am not in pursuit of payments for my services.  At some point in the future, that could change.

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