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2020-02-09 A Grand Fire Trine punctuated by a Moon v/c

An Imperfect Grand Fire Trine

The Grand Fire Trine of 2020-02-09 (February 9th) is imperfect. The Moon is in late Leo and Mars is in late Sagittarius. Some people might claim that Chiron in early Aries is not good enough to make it work. But, for some of us, we will have important insights regarding how to improve our health (or teaching of others or both) today.

Write those ideas down. The day is imperfect in many ways for most launches. A void Leo moon worsens that aspect of things, and once the Moon moves into Virgo it is still "too early to tell" for much of the day.


Mecury Retrograde is Coming

Mercury Retrograde is coming, the Retrograde Station happening February 16th, a week before the New Moon in Pisces. (Details about this Mercury Retrograde can be found at Hot Degrees 2020 from

For many of us, this is a time of cleaning out and closing out old projects. "Nose to the grindstone" is a good policy in this window, but both surprises and insights will come. Mercury Retrograde points out unfinished business that needs to be wrapped up. It points out our oversights. Battery too old and you have not replaced? Something makes it fail. Tires too old and worn? You might get a flat.

Cross every "T," dot every "I."

Launch if you see a window you must seize, but keep in mind that a "redeux" may be necessary, maybe during the retrograde and maybe after the direct station in March.

If you do have such a "failure," learn the lessons well. An in depth understanding of what did, and did not, work might give you your heart's desire at some later date.


Persist, Even in Difficult Times

A lesson keeps coming to me, repeatedly: don't quit just because the Astrology says the time is unfavorable. Maybe it is unfavorable. Maybe it will not work out. But, in the process of making a good faith effort, we sometimes uncover a hidden nugget, something totally unexpected, that leaves our lives better than our now failed original plans would have.

With those ideas in mind, proceed cautiously from now into March and keep your eyes open for special opportunities.

Chart produced using OpenAstro running on Linux

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