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2020-02-08 Full Moon + Focused Yod, Sort Of

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

We have a full moon today. Since I have not taken this site commercial (yet), and since I do not have any astrology software installed on the computer I am using for this new version of GrandTrines, I offer this snapshot of a chart from as the source of my analysis (along with thoughts that came to me as I moved from dream to ordinary waking consciousness today):

But, what does it mean? Interpretations vary, the one I offer here is the one that came to me as I awoke today. Others may vary.

The Moon in Leo is rising in this chart, soon to be in the 12th house for the location where it is set (Brewster, MA). At my location, it will rise approximately an hour later, and the entire chart is rotated counter-clockwise somewhere between 10 degrees and 15 degrees. (I am doing the math in my head, so this is an estimate.)

For any given individual, of no particular sign, the message is this: you are facing an important decision (a Yod pattern), and you will tend to wonder "what if I had taken the other path" no matter which of the two options you pick. Each option in this chart is complex and sophisticated. Some charts offer a two clear cut options, but not this one.

The Moon in Leo tells us this is about taking command. Governments and Royals and managers will be strongly affected. If you have one or more planets in Leo, you will be particularly affected.

Important to note is this: the Focused Yod pattern is never quite "perfect" today. Some software will miss it unless the orbs are set wide. Some astrologers will dispute it because the events are fragments rather than a clear and coherent whole.

But I disagree. I believe we have a Focused Yod today, it is manifesting in pieces, and it is important. But the fracture is significant enough for me to name the post "Full Moon + Focused Yod, Sort Of." Expect the unexpected.

And be assured of this: you have an important decision to make.


One option is Mercury and Neptune in Pisces: a focus on writing and travel, poetry, music, photography and videography

On a planetary scale, this option brings into play the Coronavirus issues (and possible pandemic) concerning the entire planet now. On a more personal note, it present a brilliant option for developing poetry, music, photography, videography, animation, and "film" (both still and "motion pictures"). If you are a creative, you'll likely choose this option. From the vantage point of a small to medium sized group, if you are a creative, you are the REPRESENTATIVE of this option.

The other option is Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn: a focus on hard work, accomplishment, law, banking, and practical matters

This option has the capacity to "overpower" the other option for two reasons: (1) three planets against two (the Capricorn option outnumbers the Pisces option), and (2) the Capricorn option is all outer planets (including the outermost, Pluto) whereas the Pisces option contains an inner planet. This second option represents a complex mix: Jupiter brings in career development (and, in Capricorn, a focus on practical careers), universities and education, law and the legal system, and long distance travel; Saturn brings in long hours, hard work, and diligence, often in a corporate setting and especially in banks and other financial institutions; and, finally, Pluto tends to bring in police and intelligence agencies along with researchers, chemists, and sometimes assassins.

Balanced Options

Most noteworthy are these: Neptune is in its home (Pisces) and Saturn is in its home (Capricorn). While the Pisces planets are outnumbered by powerful foes in Capricorn, Neptune in its home can always beat Saturn in its home. (Why? Because Neptune has a 160 year orbit while Saturn "only" has a 28 year orbit. Longer orbits are the "long game" and invariably win in the long run.)

Do keep in mind that, today, we are being told that these two options are equally balanced opportunities. And, you will have to choose one or the other.

Who is affected? What about me?

Who is affected and why? If you are a Leo (or have a Leo planet), then you are the decision maker and you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

If you are a Capricorn, you will favor the kinds of actions described earlier (education and career options, finance and banking, and police, intelligence agencies, and researchers; also: tax). If you are a Pisces, you will tend to favor writing (and possibly short trips) and generally developing lyrics, songs, music, photography, videography, and anything similar.

And if you are an Aquarius, then you will find that you are the kind of instigator today that can help everyone become focused and work together (IF they will listen to you).

(If you are not an Aquarius, but have an Aquarius friend, listen carefully to what they have to say today! They will either tell you outright or give you an important clue!)

Other options? Aries is a mix of Leo and Capricorn today: you could be audience, but you will probably at least assist in the decision making. Uncharacteristic of you, you'll tend to be conservative today. Same for Cancer and Libra, except you will tend to be even more quiet. You are tending to watch to see what happens if you are one of these two.

Taurus and Scorpio may form a rare alliance with a Leo or Aquarius, but Taurus will align with the Capricorn options while Scorpio will tend to align with the Pisces options. For the next few years to come, Taurus will tend to make uncharacteristic alignments with Aquarians. Today is a great day for precisely that.

Gemini will connect with the Pisces options while Virgo connects with the Capricorn options; both will be smart to stay in assistant roles and avoid responsibility for what might go wrong.

Sagittarius will also tend to assist Leo and will lean towards the practical Capricorn options.

Here is the takeaway: most new and full moons tend to be short term influences, but *NOT* this one. This one has the potential to affect people for years to come.

Choose wisely.

If you are reading this later, say some time between February 8th of 2020 and February 22nd of 2020, you can still harness this to your advantage.

Just keep in mind that by February 15th, much of the window of opportunity will be closed and gone, and by February 22nd it will be closed altogether and gone.

Failing to act according to your competencies, desires, and needs is a choice to fail altogether.

Astrology Chart for Full Moon 2020-02-08
This is an astrology chart cast shortly before the Full Moon of February 8th of 2020

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