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2020-02-10 Venus conjunct Chiron

Venus joins Chiron on February 10th, now past. The signal it sends is straightforward: we have an opportunity to begin a new round of healing, education, or both. Chiron is not easy. It never is easy.

For some, the necessary event will be public. Aries is about new beginnings, and it tends to operate publicly. As we move towards Pisces, collectively, many old secrets will surface. Bad actors, at least some of them, will be shown for what they are.

This Window of Time is about Doing Necessary Work

Venus conjunct Chiron is the last major aspect until Mercury makes its Retrograde Station on February 16th. About that time, slightly before the Retrograde Station, Mars moves into Capricorn. If your Natal Mars is in Capricorn, then the Mars return, an event that happens about every two years, will bring you renewed vigor. A natal Mars in Virgo or Taurus can perform acceptably well. Mars in Capricorn will put you to work, regardless of whether or not that is your desire.

We Close Out Aquarius Soon and Move Into Pisces

A few days after the Mercury Retrograde Station, on February 18th, the Sun moves into Pisces, the final sign of its annual journey before it returns to the Vernal Equinox, the "First Day of Spring" and beginning of an astrological new year. During this 30 day window, we examine our hopes and dreams, receive a mix of profound insights and disturbing delusions, and take a moment to review our lives.

Upcoming: Jupiter Sextiles Neptune

February 20th, Jupiter in Capricorn (not the best place for Jupiter) sextiles Neptune (in its home, Pisces). The message is clear with regards to your hopes and dreams: put up or shut up. The time to make things happen is at hand, and Mercury Retrograde tells us that you left something undone, one or more important details overlooked. Clean house and set things in motion or write off that dream and focus on something more realistic and more practical.

To review, one more time, this is a period about healing issues and dreams, but this period is not about being idle. This period is about doing the work necessary to bring about the healing or manifest the dreams or both.

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